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The Medley Difference

We love our work and we know that every job goes beyond the technical aspects of getting your home repaired. We want to help you love your life in Texas and live every second to the fullest.

Our years of experience mean that there’s no problem we can’t solve for you. We will do whatever it takes to get your home back up and running, just the way you need it.

As our customer, we promise to put you first in every interaction we have. We’ll find a time to come out that’s convenient for you, arrive on time, and listen carefully as you describe the problem. We’ll work on it until you’re satisfied with the job we’ve done, and we’ll make sure we get your home cleaned up when we’re done.

You’ll know everything that’s going on in your home because we’ll update you regularly. If you need to know how to use or maintain anything we install, we won’t leave until you feel confident running, maintaining, and using your new system.

We are experts in HVAC technology. Throughout our years in the business, we have learned how to solve even the most complex problems and we’ve also learned how to update and adapt our skills to the latest technology. Our employees are never sub-contractors and they are all experts who have been background-checked and who are covered by all of the requisite insurance.

Heating Services

Most people don’t realize how chilly Texas can get in the winter. At Medley, we live here so we understand. We promise that we’ll always do our best to get your heating repaired or installed as soon as possible, so you can get on with living the life you love. The humidity in your home can also contribute to helping you feel warmer in the winter, and we have solutions to help you control it. Call us today for help with your heating or humidity control!

Furnace Repair

Whether you have a gas or an electric furnace, we’ll help you get it fixed fast. When it stops heating your home or stops heating it effectively, just give us a call. We’ll diagnose the problem and come up with a solution specific to you, your family, and your needs. We promise to work efficiently so you don’t have to be uncomfortable at home for long.

Heating System Repair

We don’t just fix furnaces. We’ll fix any type of heating system that you have. From heat pumps to ductless systems and more, our experts can diagnose and repair any type of heating system that you have. We’ll get the job done as soon as we can because we know that you have a life to get back to.

Furnace Installation

Need a new furnace? Maybe you’re tired of repairing the old one or you know that it’s aging and you don’t want to deal with it dying on you. No matter your reasoning, we’ll help you find the furnace that will heat your home for years to come. We’ll match the type of furnace (gas or electric) that you have, then look at the square footage of your home, how often you use your furnace, whether you want an energy-efficient unit, and how much you want to spend. Then we’ll install a unit from a manufacturer we trust and test it before we leave.

Heating System Installation

Do you have a furnace but you want another type of heat? Maybe you just need a new system or you want to upgrade. We can install any type of heating solution that you want. We can also help you select the solution that is right for you and your family. We’ll match the solution to your needs so you can be sure you’re getting the right system for you. Then we’ll install it fast so you can get warm soon!

Air Conditioning Services

We know how hot it gets in Texas in the summer, so we know you need your air conditioner to work every day, without fail. If you are having problems with your A/C or you aren’t satisfied with how comfortable it’s keeping you, call us at Medley. We’ll help you get it fixed or find the A/C that’s right for your home.

We can also help you get a programmable thermostat so you can save money on gas and electricity or take your indoor air quality to the next level. Call us for an appointment today!

Air Conditioning Repair

Whether the problem with your air conditioner is big or small, it’s a huge issue when it’s not working! Texas summers are no joke, which is why we are committed to getting your air conditioning repaired fast. We’ll get to you as soon as we can, use our expertise to assess your A/C, then let you know what we’ve found. Together, we’ll come up with a plan to get your air conditioner running again.

Air Conditioning Installation

Fed up with repairs? Or maybe you just know it’s time to replace your current A/C before it breaks down. We’ll help you choose the right new air conditioner for you and your family. We’ll look at the size of your home, your A/C usage patterns, your budget, and whether or not you want an energy-efficient unit. Then we’ll find you the perfect air conditioner from a brand we trust and get it installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. We’ll test it before we leave to make sure everything is working well.