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We are the #1 preferred garage door repair company in the DFW, providing professional installation, replacement, and repair services throughout the Dallas Metroplex. With over 20 years of experience, we strive to provide quality service and competitive pricing to every customer. To us, you’re a part of our family, and we will treat your garage like we do our own.

From repairing broken garage door springs, sensors, cables, and rollers, and replacing doors & Openers, our experienced technicians are equipped to handle all of your garage door needs. Garage doors can cause serious harm when damaged, making it essential to use a technical expert for all repairs. 

Broken Garage Door Spring?
A broken garage door spring is a big problem. The springs provide the leverage needed to open and close heavy garage doors, so when your spring breaks, your door isn’t going anywhere. In some ways, worn garage door springs may be just as bad as broken ones. When springs start to wear out, their lifting power is diminished. This can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your garage door opener. It may also cause the door to move unevenly in cases where you have two garage door springs. You can limit a worn spring’s potential for causing damage by getting a garage door spring repair as soon as possible.

Garage Door Off Track? We at The Good Guys Garage Door Repair are committed to fixing garage doors off track in no time and at affordable rates. We fully understand the frustration and inconvenience caused by a garage door off track. If you don’t pay attention to the problem on time, chances are that you may end up with more serious damage and injuries. So, it’s highly advised that you shouldn’t attempt to fix your faulty door on your own; instead, you should consider hiring experts to deal with it in a professional way and avoid any potential damage. Our technicians are fully capable of fixing all types of problems associated with your faulty door.

Garage Door Opener Not Working? It’s not how you’d like to start your day, but your garage door opener will often make it well-known when it needs repairs. For many homeowners, the first sign of a problem is when your garage door fails to close and open. An early warning of an issue may be intermittent responses from your garage door when you try to open or close it with your operator. To confirm the issues related to your operator and not your door, you can disconnect your opener and look to see if you can open and close your door manually. If you’ve noticed noises when your garage door opens and closes, it’s best to call one of our service technicians. The issue may be related to your door’s springs and tracks, which poses a significant safety risk.